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As a result, the odds can be better for online players than for the ‘real world’ types. As a result of these higher margins, online casinos can afford to offer their good customer a gambling bonus in the form of additional play, more profit or prizes. The best gambling online offers are to be found in some of the gambling site ‘aggregators,’ that is the sites that appeal to those who want to hunt out the best online gambling sites, and those who follow the industry.

There are two ways to find them. The first is to go to some of the best-known sites, such as onlincasinonews.com, which gives a good up-to-date accounting of what is happening in the gambling world.

The second, and even easier, way to do it is simply to get on a web search site, such as Google or Yahoo! and put in something like ‘gambling.’ In addition to the tens of thousands of gambling-related facts and sites, the per-click ads on the right and on the top are good resources.

In general, I find that the more something shows up in Google’s per-click advertising, the more likely that it is a well-run, businesslike enterprise.

The best gambling bonus comes from playing the games themselves online. Why is that? If you have ever driven down the Las Vegas strip, you will see signs saying “best odds," and “we take less." What they mean is that the gambler gets more of his dollar or Yen or Yuan back in gambling winnings than at other casinos. The casinos live on this margin—the more margins they take, the more money they make. But the margin at a bricks and mortar casino must be high in order to pay for their facilities. The folks online do not have those heavy charges. Other than a few servers and a bit of electricity, the rest of the margin is profit for the site owners.

And since things are so competitive between sites, the margins are kept low and the best gambling bonus goes to the gambler her- or himself.

The best sites pay top gambling bonuses. The higher the volume, the more they can afford to pay.

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